Tuesday, 26 July 2016


The African Union and its many challenges          
Indeed agony is wanting to be taken seriously when African leaders shout slogans from a Chinese-built headquarter in Addis Abba whose budget is funded by the west. And it’s no surprise that the annual African union is characterized by same twisted speeches of hope that do not yield any fruits at all and that’s why it is nicknamed the biggest talk show on the continent. From Mugabe ranting against the Europeans to Mugabe again advocating for the Chinese’ dominance on continental affairs offers valid prove that Addis Abba once in a while turns into a theater  of comedians.

Journey of Death
A cry of Africans immigrants drowning in the Mediterranean is heard and seen all over the news, but yet they cry and pain falls on deaf ears and blind eyes of our able leaders as they showcase in long motorcades and long endless speeches of promises that never come to effect. Do our leaders really see the need of stopping this ‘journey of death’ of young capability Africans to Europe or maybe the sweetness of power has accumulated they body, souls and spirit to realize the crisis in front of us.  And accordingly to statistic as of 2016 already 2515 Africans have lost they lives and I have waited to hear a statement or solution in relations to the matter, but the African Union seems too busy for it discuss its citizens’ well-being.

African youth entrepreneurship programs is a myth that only exist on paper and since Africa has cemented its spot on top as a theater for lost dreams and hope due to harsh governmental policies to youths. The youths are now in a state of rush and are willingness to do anything for the money like the advertisement I came across of a smartly dressed handsome man who offers a ‘Rent A Gent Valentine’s Promotion’ for single ladies. The advertisement on the flyer included services such as selfie pictures as a couple, holding of hands, ‘Miss you love’ status post on social media and kissing in front of friends and family to mention a few all for hundred dollars. Dear readers as innovative or fun this many sound, I want you to understand that failures by African leaders to discuss real youth empowerment will lead to more youths endangering their lives and integrity.

Shackled by chains and dressed in prison scrubs
Other than valentine, the month of February was filled with so much activities and most notable was when we thought our music had lost its value and connection to reality, then came up performances by Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar that ignited a new creative revolution that speaks out against systemic racism and modern 21st century mental oppression. And it is no surprise that they performances received major criticism, but I believe they performances showed how far the struggle for equality has come which has undermined the unite of the country.

Struggle Is Real
The systemic racism in America is seen in the profiling of black men and police brutality that has been seen and shocked the world. Systemic racism also known as institutional and structural racism are rooted in major social institutions, but it is important to understand that institutional or structural racism was and is not an accident of history in America, but is something that was and is created intentionally to disadvantages minorities such as the African Americans.

America as a country was found on principles of racism and sexism and the struggle for equality has existed for more than 150 years, and what is seen today is as a result of a seed of inequalities that was planted more than 150 years ago. Indeed, America is the ‘land of the free’, and prides itself because of its diversity, but yet most of its minorities are enslaved institutionally which is the same as lock them up in chains.

The visa free Africa
The free visa Africa is a great initiative, but is Africa really ready for such a big move that abolishes passports and any type of border control. Like a certain Mrs. Tembo said, Africa is filled with adopted ideologies that we embrace fast and has both indirect and direct impact on our population, the visa free initiative by the Africa Union is adopted from the controversial European Union (EU) signed in the town of Schengen, Luxembourg in 1985. And the main purpose of its establishment was to strengthen ties between trading countries and ease traveling loads, but the migration crisis of poor members to rich members led to a number of countries to reintroduce border control and not forgetting acts of terrors.

Difference between the African Union and European Union:
African Union
European Union
54 countries
28 countries
800 million people
510 million people
Consists mostly of the world’s poorest country
Consist mostly of the world’s  richest country
Headquarters: Addis Ababa
Headquarters: Brussels
Motto: ‘a united and strong Africa’
Motto: ‘united in diversity’

With the above already said, does the African Union(AU) have the same muscle power as the European Union (EU) to combat an migration crisis and acts of terrorism. A border less Africa will be a challenge due to militant groups such as Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab terrorizing the west and east Africa respectively and public health will be at risk with Ebola already killing a lot of people.
Therefore, before the African Union (AU) makes a conclusion on this matter it is important for them to firstly establish  intra-African trade which will facilitate the free movement of goods and services around the continent to encourage equal socio-economic development. Then the idea of free visas can be introduced at regional block levels such as SADC, ECOWAS have they own free visa process for security purpose. For I know the African Union lacks the muscle and experience to deal with a major crisis compared to the European Union.

And as we wait for the outcome of the African Union meeting in Kigali, we cross our fingers hoping that whenever will be discussed there will yield fruits for we are tired of long mean less speeches filled with  a lot of promises in meetings filled with smartly dressed men and women.  All we need are speeches accompanied with action and we hope morocco will join the union so that we achieve the united Africa movement.

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