Tuesday, 29 April 2014



  'I thought only people in Africa could catch AIDS’, those were the words of 48 years old HIV positive Rachel Diley during a television interview. She further went on to explain how in her teenager age she embraced sex without a condom since she knew at her age chances were little of her falling pregnant. Dear readers out there, I want to take this opportunity to address the whole issue of the killer disease HIV/AIDS that is taking more lives than any other disease on earth. And I will also love to talk about the ‘afrophobia’ or fear of Africa that most people have expressed in medias and reality all in relation to the pandemic HIV/AIDS.

First and foremost, the letters HIV stand for human immunodeficiency virus meaning that the HIV virus attacks the immune system, and weakens a person’s immunity system to fight infections. And AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome meaning that AIDS is the final stage of HIV, when one’s body can no longer fight life-threatening infections. With the above explanations highlighted above, its important to observe that HIV/AIDS is a human disease that affects people of all walks of life. Remember, HIV/AIDS is not an African disease made for Africans only, but it’s a universe disease that everybody has to stand against. 

Furthermore, the 'afrophobia' in relation to HIV/AIDS is based on statistics that shows Africa being  the continent with the highest number of people infected in the world, but that does not make it an ‘All African Disease’. Africa is like any other place on earth that has a population with AIDS, but that does not mean every African is HIV/AIDS positive. Below are statistics of the pandemic adopted from ‘Making AIDS history amfAR site:

Population Of Infected
Sub-Saharan Africa
25 million
351 000
250 000
Central and South America
1.5 million
North Africa And Middle East
260 000
Eastern Europe And Central Asia
1.3 million
Western And Central Europe
860 000

Therefore, all I can say in accordance to the World Health Organization (WHO) report of 2012 35.3 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS while they were 1.6 million deaths of AIDS related diseases worldwide and 119 countries reported a total of 95 million tested in 2010.
With much already discussed and highlighted above, its most to outline ways one can get HIV/AIDS; using a contaminated needle, syringe, or other injecting equipments, transmission from mother to child, birth or breastfeeding and through oral sex or sharing sex toys (even though the risk is lower for anal and vaginal).

 And please Dear readers, ignorance of the pandemic disease will endanger yourself, family and community at large so beware and know that HIV/AIDS IS NOT AN AFRICAN DISEASE, BUT A UNIVERSE DISEASE AND YOU CAN GET IT ANYWHERE IF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR ACTIVITIES AS AN INDIVIDUAL. And as for Africa, for those who have never been to the ‘mother land’, all I can say is that, ‘you need to be there yourself and make up your own conclusion, because today’s media is biased and treats the African story very hush if not ignorant’. 
In conclusion, i would like to remember somebody that HIV/AIDS is a KILLER disease that knows no race or geographical location.  



Never been an ordinary bird, so I fly off the average nest
And I settle with the eagles with wings wide open as the best
Hence I double cross failure for success for a permanent relationship
Fear of heights has been overcome, so I fly high 
For my life has been like a voyage of discovery
Filled with so much unspeakable elements of mystery
But all were phases to be found and solved in Indiana with Jones as history
With all these struggles, a character was being built up to head an era
The past was a lesson, but it’s died and gone, for today is here
Success is the motto and does not happen overnight like winning a lotto
Confessions of who I was never matter’s now, because being a champion is my new impression
My facial expression outstands all the negativity, as positivity is my main possession
For failure was my past oppression and routine of operation
But I broke off the ordinary boundaries of failure to become a star of attraction
A personality that adds a color of hope to the rainbow  
Being a champion is my daily remedy; a quality that eliminates any form of comedy
So think twice before you walk on thick ice because we are not equals like dimples even though am simple, you may be turned into an experimental sample if not an example.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Church And Governance:The Church Revolution And Its Duty In Governance

In the early century, when need for a leader to be chosen arose, the majority looked at the church as a guidance for the choice of leader to be chosen. It was during that time that the church usually, had the powers or keys of governance which was in form of a sword, articles, and flags.
An example of what I know in Greece, England and maybe the rest of Europe was that, the church had two swords; one was to be given to the chosen leader while the other remained with the church and this signified the spared leadership between God and the people. Since the church represented God while the leader represented the people and without the sword the leader had no authority because the authority laid in the sword.

Therefore, this historically practice done in the early centuries before, leaves me with questions on why the current sets of churches do not possess the powers their possessed earlier. Furthermore, it is the purpose of this article to highlight some transformations that have happened and it is important for readers out there to realize that the purpose of this article is not to discourage anybody’s faith but to encourage somebody.          

First and foremost, from an historically point of view, in the early century the majority of the people knew the purpose of God, therefore, this led to them to respect God’s representatives on earth, the church. And today’s population lack the quality the other population had in the early century due to the lack of respect of God hence, the importance to involve his body the church in choosing a leaders is not seen.       

And currently, it can be observed on how the new generation of leaders oppresses the church if it defends its integrity. And this can further be observed through government policies that disrespect and humiliates the foundation on which the church is built on, which in the past was unacceptable. For example, the popularizing corruption propagandas that most leaders use to gain popularity while degrading the value of the church.

In other countries, the church has suffered many attacks due to its independent decisions on social, economic and political situations. The latest one being, the governmental crackdown on the Catholic Church in southern Africa due to its demand for a constitution on behalf of the people.

The other reason, why modern churches have lost their powers on governance is that, the church members have failed to distinguish their political agendas from their beliefs. This has harmed the church so badly, because failure to distinguish beliefs from political agendas is like fighting an inside unknown family member. With this in mind, they readers can bear witness that most modern churches are on government payrolls compared to old ones that ran their finances independently, hence this limits they criticism and credibility.

I believe the church serves in the best interest of the people and this has to be respected without targeting the operation of the church and its members. It can also be stated that, the church is a platform that has always condemned the injustice in our communities, therefore, its existence outlives governance and most be respected.

In conclusion, I believe the church has undergone a lot of changes, but I believe the church has not changed its goals since its foundation has never changed and I would like to advise governing bodies from all walks of life to respect the church, for the church can live without the state, but the state cannot live without the church, so it is the church's obligation to coach and mentor the new generation of leaders in order to encourage transparency.   

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Arise Namibia:There Must Be An End To Brutal Killings And Violence Against Women.

Written by Comrade Filemon'Fire'Shikomba And Yours Truly Sishumba Musanda in commemoration of the March 6 National Prayers against gender killings and violence. 

I choose to call it "Brutal Killings" because “Passion Killings "does not describe the seriousness in this wicked situation.

When I think about the gender inequality or gender-based violence, truly, I want to cry out loud, and lighten the heaviness in my heart .Gender-based violence is a violation of human rights and serious attention must be established to prevent it from going further.

The Brutal Killings are getting out of hand. Namibia will soon be described as the world’s most unsafe place for women to live in. It is very painful to see women, who are supposed to be our Sisters, our Friends and most importantly our Mothers die in the hands of heartless men.

What is even more painful is to see children become motherless due to this ungodly behavior, to see fathers who kill women being sent to prison and leaving their children behind with no one to look after them, and the absence of parental figures will bring problems to the future of those children because many may tend to think their future is based on violence.

I have this feeling that Namibians are not doing enough to bring a concrete conclusion to this escalating problem, and I think we need to amplify voices for change. From within the communities by engaging women, girls, community leaders, men, and boys—in the effort to support positive social change. I believe that politicians alone cannot bring an end to this problem; we need direct confrontation that will include all political parties, despite political difference a firm stand is needed because this is a national crisis on the rise. And every tool must be used to combat Brutal Killings before our country runs out of women. 

Furthermore, Namibia, is indeed, a land of the brave, a country that has embraced, enjoyed and chosen unity, liberty and justice as our only mode of life therefore, may we continue to embrace the spirit of oneness and stand against the enemy’ Brutal Violence against women’. As we embark to the 6th of March, a day of national prayers as our able leader declared may it be a special day of reflection on the importance of a gender violence and brutal killings free environment.  The foundation of this country was built on the efforts of both men and women and the future of this country belongs to both men and women governed by equality and desire to see a perfect productive Namibia

In conclusion, I am urging all youths to learn from all this experiences, to choose good examples, and to avoid becoming victims of such circumstances in future. We can have a future free from Brutal killings if we unite, learn and create awareness.