Monday, 10 November 2014


Dear readers, it is important to observe that, this article is incomplete for readers to read this piece without reading the first article under this series entitled ' Focus on Zambia'. And may I state that all opinions expressed in this series are independent and in case some facts are not outlined correctly, contact the author who is ready to hear out your concerns.

In line with the above, it is important to observe that the author is non-partisan, in fact this article is meant for citizen empowerment and education, not to endorse or discredit any of the individuals mentioned.

The Good Guy Turned the Bad Guy Scott (Episode 1)
When Guy Scot became the acting president of Zambia an African country that was a British colony, all speculation turned and focused on Zambia not because their President had died, but due to its 'white acting president' His Excellency Guy Lindsay Scott. Scot born in 1944 present day Livingstone, to emigrant parents is a patriotic African and Zambian in particular even though less is known about him other than the 'Muzungu' behind Sata, he surely has a huge task to fill in as acting president of Zambia for 90 days. And of present a lot of controversy, surrounds Guy Scott's capacity to act as president of a country that still bleeds from the British colonization even 50 years after its independence and many ordinary Zambian are asking questions such as:

Is this the restart of colonialism in Africa?
Is Guy Scot the right person to act as President?
Can a white African be President of An African country?
Is he legally acting President?
What is the difference between the United States of America and the Republic Of Zambia in relation to Barack Obama and Guy Scott?
Is Guy Scott, the other De Klek?
Is Guy Scott, a lost sheep in the wilderness of the darkness continent?
Is Guy Scott's acting as president a warning in relation to a decline in capable intelligent Africans with leadership qualities?

And with respect to all the above questions, I feel it is the duty of every citizen to ask questions concerning the direction of the country, but the questions on Guy Scott are ignorant and in modern day, it is called Racism to judge someone's ability to serve based on the complexion of the skin.

More to that, racism is not only when white people abuse black person for example when a Russian abuses an African, but also when Africans abuse they Chinese or Scottish its still racism. Scot's rise to act as President is what determination and hard work can do to anyone who believes in their dreams, and to say his appointment is the 'restart of colonialism' is shameful because he is one Zambian that has passed through the ordinary political structures of Zambia.

And as for the 'good guy turned bad guy', I believe His Excellency Dr. Scott, caused himself the mess he is trapped into by breaking the protocol of mourning by exercising his newly acquired powers to fire the now famous Edgar Lungu, secretary general of the confused patriotic front (PF).
With the unveiling of such events, Dr. Scott exposed his weakness by his failure to exercise patience before his final blow, on his enemies. Though question maybe asked such as, didn’t Dr. Scott, know about the 14 days mourning period or maybe his shoulders, grew above his head overnight to become “Super Guy above the law”? With the above in mind, Dr. Scott's ability to govern is under fire not because of his complexion, but due to his impatience and 'fast food' decisions like firing and reinstating Edgar Lungu, because that move was chaotic and able to destabilize the peace of the country.

Ba Mulenga
In Africa, we mourn and celebrate the dead, that’s our culture, but the death of President Michael Sata that took the ruling party by surprise, exposed the lost African spirit of mourning to selfish ambitious goals such as the inner- battle for the presidency within the Patriotic Front (PF).

And to shade more light on the lost mourning spirit, I would like to speak about Mulenga Sata, the current Mayor of Lusaka and his lack of protocol. I believe Mulenga Sata being the oldest son of the late president should have encouraged the nation to mourn his father in peace and dignity, other than advertising his presidential ambition to succeed his father.

And it is important for readers to observe that, Mulenga Sata is a citizen of Zambia and holds every right to air out his ambitions at any place and time, though I feel him airing out his presidential ambition while waiting to receive his father's body is irrespective and doesn’t show any form of protocol, hence, this I believe is a great lesson to every person, despite one's background, complexion, culture or political view respect is respect and we cannot substitute it for anything.

Bwezani Nafuti
Of late much speculation has surrounded the controversial topic of Rupiah Banda's return to politics and former president Banda recently left it to the Zambian public to discuss it and I feel its wise enough for Rupiah Banda to leave it open for discussion. According, to my own opinion Rupiah Banda should not return to active politics reason being he is old, to my understanding Rupiah Banda at this stage should be in relax mode and focus on mentoring young politicians through his politics wisdom other than fighting for positions with the young politicians.

And not long ago, Rupiah Banda announced to the nation about his wife Thandiwe being diagnosed with breast cancer, I feel this is reason enough to keep him away from politics, not because his wife's illness is a hindrance, but due to the fact that, family needs and wants should be put first and satisfied first.

Secondly, Rupiah Banda's comeback is bad for his former party MMD because the party will be divided into two fiction which will be led by party President Nevers Mumba and Rupiah Banda. And if such a battle was to start, this will take long to be solved and the already struggling MMD will not be able to regroup itself to contest any election or pose any threat to challenge the ruling party.

To give a generalized opinion over what is happening currently, I sense some panic in the ruling Patriotic Front camp with the manner they are handling the whole mourning period. This can be observed through the disorganization they have displayed so far. One Russian say states that, ‘if the head of a fish is rotten, then the whole fish is rotten', this can simply be liken to the disorganization in the ruling Patriotic Front party leadership which symbolizes the disorganization of the party at all levels. 

"Farewell and salutions, king Cobra and long live the state".

Saturday, 1 November 2014


On the occasion of sorrow and shock, after the death of His Excellence Michael Chilufya Sata in London on the 28 October, 2014. I would like to sincerely share a condolence message to the first family, comrades and patriotic citizens of the Republic of Zambia.

A simple paragraph cannot ease the pain of the loss, but I hope the people of Zambia take solace in knowing that his brave services exceeded all measures of selflessness and devotion to his beloved country Zambia.

Today, I honor him not only as a 'Man of Action', but as a true son of Africa and Zambia in particular, whose walk encouraged most of us not to give up on our dreams.
And at this moment, I offer my heartfelt sympathy, and I pray that God's grace gives the First family and the people of Zambia comfort as you grieve.

According to the constitution, states that the sitting vice president takes over the presidency upon the death or resignation of the incubment president. More to that, the vice president is given a transition period of 90 days to organise new election and the vice president is not barred from running in the elections.

And according to article 38 states that, if the is vacancy of the Presidency due to the death of the incubment; the Vice President should immediately assume the office of the President and if the Vice President is unable for a reason to assume the office of the President, the Speaker should perform the executive functions, except the power to make appointments and dissolve parliament. I believe this article of the Zambian constitution was strengthened and clearly explained after the death of the Levy Mwanawasa in 2008 and it is at a time like this that article 38 will be exercised and observed meaning ceremonial Vice president Guy Scott takes over the presidency from acting President Edgar Lungu. Furthermore, I believe we now understand that it is the ceremonial Vice President who holds the responsibility of organising and hosting free and fair elections within 90 days of vacancy of the Presidency.

Away from the constitution articles and protocol, I would want us to talk about the Zambia's magical number of 90days. In Zambia the 90 days is two faced and I will explain the two faces. The first face of the '90 days concept' that apppears before Zambian is the political propangada or strategy that was used in 2011 and never fulfilled to date. The 90 days propangada excited a lot of voters that believed in it very much until they were told that the 90 days was just a paper work strategy and did not exist in reality at all. And the other face of the 90 days that zambian remember is the continuity of development that Rupiah Banda to follow in Levy Mwanawasa's foot prints and this was characterised by politics of insults and corruption.

Generally, 90 days in Zambia is a peroid of agony that is surrounded by unstability and undemocratic pathway to elections. It is also during this time that the loyalty of party members is tested because during this time new 'mushroom' political parties are formed without a fan base and also politic prostitution can be observed when senior members change parties in search of greener pastures which is now a common practice in Zambian politics.

To put it in another way, the 'mushroom' political parties that enage during this period lack the necessary ingredient to be called a political party because in reality these parties are a one-man stand or in local language a 'Katemba' without any foundation or fan base to inspire a change. And this is mainly observed during the period of filing candidates for elections and according to my own analysis, 'mushroom'political parties dont even run for election, but end up endorsing other political parties' due to financial complications.

It is during this 90 days that the Zambian economy is weak and the Kwacha is lower beyond redemption from the Central Bank of Zambia. And speaking, with a sense of history in mind, I believe the Kwacha has never fully recovered from the fall it experienced after the death of Levy Patrick Mwanawasa and the Rupiah Banda era and I know readers will conquer with me on this one.

More to that, it can also be observed that during this period of agony state funds are embezzled and misused and evidence of this can be given by statistic check on how many government officials are undergoing or underwent abuse of office charges and trials all dating to the previous 90 days of agony.
With the history of the 90 days of agony in mind, I believe the government through the Secretary to the Treasury and patriotic citizens have a big role to play to ensure economic stability and safeguarding of public resources during this transition period.

And to discuss his legecy in public at the moment is an act of injustice I believe because African leadership is so different from other forms of leadership, in the sense that, the legecy of an African leader is mainly determined after a new leader is elected and begins to make errors thats when people begin to wish for the previos leader. Meanwhile in other parts of the world, a leader's legecy is determined the moment he passes away or when his term ends.

In conclusion, truth be told that Michael Chilufya Sata was the most popular Zambian President ever to be elected by a majority urban vote and eventhough, during his governance errors were made and as the acting president has announced the 14 days of mourning, I believe this is the time to reflect and celebrate Michael Sata's life in peace and unity.