Thursday, 3 December 2015


 Beauty. Intelligence. Plus Size

Are you a beautiful and inspiring woman who wants to prove to the world that you can be plus size and confident? Then join one of the world fastest growing movement which is PLUS SIZE, INTELLIGENCE AND BEAUTY.


This pageant celebrates and educates plus size students the importance of loving self and feeling comfortable of who you are and how you are. Even though, this pageant is one of its kinds among the international students, it is important to observe that quality won’t lack because this pageant will present itself as a platform for plus sized ladies to make a statement of their presence and beauty.

Furthermore, this pageant celebrates beauty openly in a non-judgmental environment and shows that a part of the world does really appreciate curves. And most importantly, it serves as a reminder to the rest of the world that we are not intimidated by the continuous pressure from the media to fit into a certain size label to be deemed acceptable in society. And of course, not everyone wants to be a size zero hence this pageant is here to prove that there is life after a size 18.


For we live in a world that openly criticizes and rejects plus size ladies and no one is there to stand up against such hush reality, therefore we are here to change the perception of the world that only acknowledges and sees fit beauty as slim and nothing else. We this initiation of this pageant, the world know that it is possible to be plus size, intelligent and beautiful.

We at Miss Plus Size International do not encourage or promote obesity, we purely provide a platform for the plus size women of Tambov and Russia to showcase their beauty on a catwalk that has previously been reserved for slimmer sisters.

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