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The 2015 election have been great and so tight because for once in Zambian history the elections has produced more comedians than politicians. And I believe Zambians from all walks of life can agree with me if I was to state that the period from 28 September to date was a remarkable period because our own home grown comedians, politicians I meant entertained us with a wide range of jokes for example the linking of the recorded conversation of Bob Sichinga and Bashi Nono to poor people's party president Alex Muliokela's bid for presidency to Rupiah Banda's famous bombshell Ni Endorsement ya nyoko. And to highlights more on the political slogans that could have made it to the top ten in a music chart if they were songs, here are some of them, I guess the will put a smile on your face:

You are the journalist ask them
Alesia Alesia
Infintu Ni Lungu
Umuntu Ni Hakainde
Bana and Bashi Nono's gossip
President Muliokela
Ni Endorsement Ya Nyoko (remix)

Take a ‘MambilimaChillPill’
the phase above is an expressive that is trending on social media and other outlets that shows the discipline that the chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Zambia install among political leaders and supporters who act impatiently. But one might ask who is Mambilima and the response will be simple and forward 'Mambilima is an intelligent, strong, dedicated upright Zambian woman' Laura Miti a patriotic Zambian stated. With the above already outlined we can come to a conclude that political parties have to take a ‘MambilimaChillPill’ also known as stop politicians as they wait for the final results. #Zambia decides#

Presido Muliokela
How Alex Muliokela president of the poor people's party managed to win the hearts of Zambia is so outstanding because he was one of the few aspiring presidential candidates to match his own party's statue and propaganda from head to toe though we surely argue against his policies that at one point focused at giving an eggs and loaves of bread for breakfast (ah for how long). And to cut Honorable Muliokela dreams short, I think Zambians have to salute him because without any endorsements, campaign or an entourage with security Muliokela has managed to set himself as the number one most wanted and loved comedian, oh sorry I meant 'president'. As a patriotic citizen, I wish him the best of luck with his new found 'fame', I hope he capitalizes on it so that in 2016 he mobilizes a serious campaign because most voters complained of not finding him on the ballot papers while some's votes were rejected because they could not draw the honorable properly on the ballot paper.
Below are some questions I would want to find out from Honorable Muliokela:

  1. When are you marry or meeting up with Dora Siliya to take the first stage of the prophesied union that comes from the equation that I will write down. And before I write down the equation, I want people to understand that any reaction (reactant +reactant) has products and that’s according to chemistry, so to simplify this chemistry concept, lets us make an equation for Mr. Muliokela and Dora Siliya:

M. Siloya (reactant1) + Siliya (reactant2)=marriage (happy ending)

When reactant 1 reacts with reactant 2 the product is so positive and promising. So let’s encourage Muliokela to make a move on Siliya in accordance to the prophecy by prophet Banda if am not mistaken.
  1. When are you writing a petition to the United Nations against the Electoral Commission of Zambia?

#Zambia Decides

Zambia decides is the current hot hash tag on social media mainly twitter. With this hash-tag, Zambians are able to express themselves since the elections are still on even though, the winner is yet to be known Zambians all over the world are already celebrating the sixth president with President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe rumored to be in the country in readiness for the inauguration celebration, but why Mugabe for he is no good example of true democracy since Zimbabwe have always had him as president for life.

In conclusion the Zambian people have exercised their rights by choosing a leader and that has to be respected for Zambia is greater than any politicians, therefore let peace and stability prevail as we embrace the One Zambia One Nation national pride. And for the President-elect, I congratulate you on your victory and please do the Zambian people a favor give them a constitution and champ economic and social change even though within a limited period of months before 2016.

                                              Long live the state and God bless our country

Sishumba Musanda

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