Thursday, 27 March 2014


I believe African governance is sitting on a time bomb that is yet to explode if not handled properly due to the difference in ideologies between the youths and the elders born before independence.             
Most African youths want a complete new form of governance that has a sense of touch of the 21st century eliminating any concept of independence struggle motive, but they elders on the other hand want to hold on power with a colonialism styled form of dictatorship as governance. This has led to crushes between the young and old, because they seem to represent two different times in history that lack a bridge to link them hence widening the gap.
African elders want youths to stay rooted to the dogmas of the foundering fathers at all expenses, which most youths seem not to be comfortable with because they feel the dogmas of the foundering fathers limits development and enslaves people to live in poverty while a few enjoy the wealth of the country. The elders don’t see a functioning Africa without them making it hard for youths who aspire for public office to succeed.

The youths on the other hand accuse the government and elders of ignorance on a number of issues such as technology, freedom of speech, which the latter has ignored or laid a deaf hear to, therefore leading to no reforms or amendments but recycled ideas. And however, most governments have attributed the lack of youth empowerment to poor organization among the youths, but I personally despise this response because I believe the government has to create a youth forums to provide guidance and empower they youths first before something positive is expected from them. This can be done through a pragmatic way of getting the youths to not only listen to ideas but also act on issues that affect both the youths and community at large.

Besides all, a modern African youth differs from a typical African youth though, they both possess the same quality which is daydreaming and complaining on social media, a platform where most of the leaders are absent from, funny as it may seem, but very true. And this has affected growth, because the government and elders associate social media as a platform of fun and daydreaming and hence issues presented there are not to be taken seriously.

Furthermore, most youths disagree against the notions of ‘laziness’ but they associate laziness due to over congestion in youthful events or organizations by elders who seem to be were passed they youth hood and never seem to connect with the youths they represent. And a perfect example that can be given is the Ministry of sports and youth development which is headed by elders that are unable to attend or participate in events due to overage. I believe at this point, the situation stated above most serve as an alert notice, on how many people are not in-support of youth empowerment even though, they once advocated for it when they were jobless.

Most youths consider most African leaders a disgrace to democracy and a mockery to the power of the vote they claim to represent because the only reforms that they have done is the widening of the gap between the rich and poor and selling out their own people without giving thought to Africans suffering from poverty and other leaders made syndromes such as corruption, nepotism and tribalism.  I strongly believe a transparent transition has to be reached in order to maintain stability and a perfect balance of power.

In a nutshell, Africa’s potential has never been in the hands of the politicians or freedom fighters, but on every ambitions and dreams that the new generation has and therefore, youth empowerment cannot be avoided if Africa is to move forward.   


In dedication to all women and mothers
Many are the times I imagine a world free of sexual violence against women and this makes me think twice on how productive our homes or areas will be since  our mothers, sisters, partners and daughters are happy. Therefore, I have taken this opportunity to address the issue of domestic violence against women which is on a rise in our country and if not handled well may lead to more problems in the near future.

 Furthermore, may I congratulate married men out there and may I highlight the importance of marriage: it being an ‘institution of love’ not the now renowned institution of violence against partners which initially destroys the union of marriage by all aspects. And a marriage certificate is not a document of ownership that grants a man power to violent a woman on the basis of the certificate but only a certificate of evidence of courtship of the parties involved mainly for statistics by the authorities.      

With this in mind, it is important for every man to respect women as a creation made in God’s own image thus let no mankind feel more superior than others. However, it can be seen from the above analysis that, most men embrace violence to peace as a way of consolidating they influences on their partners without thinking of anything else and this attitude has grown and affected the society both directly and indirectly. 

Unquestionably, it is general knowledge to state that most men who violent women do it due to ignorance and failure of social, educational and religious notions that have failed to advocate for equality in the society for satisfaction of personal desires. For example, most social notions state that, ‘who loves well, punishes well’, or ‘beating a wife is an evidence of true love’, but I strongly argue against those notions because I believe the biblical definition of love in 1 Corinthians 13 truly highlights the significance and code of conduct of love. It is important however, to overemphasis the strength of ignorant notions that govern the institution of marriage or friendship in a deadly bumpy direction of violence.

In the same line of thinking, given the advantages of marriage from a the biblical point of view outlined in the previous paragraph, I would like to further state the importance of courtship or marriage from a biblical point of view from the book of Proverbs 18 vs 22 that highlights the pleasure and favors of finding a wife that the lord is proud of himself. In short, women are meant to be an important people in the making of our communities; hence violence against them is like scam or fraud aimed to stealing from oneself with an excuse of not knowing.

Surely, society lacks its definition if the beauty of our mothers, sisters, partners and daughters is violated continually  and it is high time, the government strengthened laws and rules because politics seems to have taken precedence over violence against women. I believe an independent commission has to be established dedicated to advocating and enforcing the laws and rule that protect women in our societies. And a word of caution to the government is that, the longer the keep politicking with issues affecting women the worse the outcome of violence because as of now, constitutionally the capital punishment attached to violence against women is not good enough to set an example because our country needs men who inherit good morals not violence that they may have witnessed as a mode of life. 

A violence free heaven called home is very possible, if only we learn to live in peace with our next neighbors despite their sex or skin color. 



Africa's pace of growth has been lagging behind from its counter-parts both in the pro and post-colonialism period. Therefore, it is the purpose of this work to discuss some of the mysteries and controversy surrounding this whole topic into four subtopics namely; geographical, social, economic and political.
In the first place, it is important to discuss Africa’s geographical location and its resources. Has Africa’s vast resources failed to lay a platform for major development, or maybe, are her resources a blessing or a curse to the population? Africa as a continent has experienced a record rash interest in its mining sectors from foreign investors who tend to explore for all minerals at hand, but still, the continent remains in total poverty. However, this leaves very less to be desired and rises many questions such as 'what form of trade is conducted’. 

With my little knowledge of trade, it is common knowledge to understand that trade always involves two parties; a buyer and seller who develop a mutual relationship based on the product. In the same manner, trade paves way to a network that creates a platform for mutual understanding on the product. With this in mind, it is disheartening to learn how Africa is denied such a platform to network with its business partners, hence, promoting unequal trade that favors investors. This unequal trade has been characterized by price-fixing and black-listing of the products with a number of sanctions therefore, violating the purpose of trade.  Furthermore, in all aspects, this is a form of civilized day-light robbery and some form of Robbing Hood though it’s vice versa because investors rob from the poor to empower the rich all in the name of fair trade.  

As a matter of fact, they is need for Africa to redefine its terms and conditions of trade in favor of its large population living under the poverty line. And these measures will ensure Africa a guaranteed dignity through independence because they is no dignity without freedom. This will be made available through preferred poverty in freedom to wealth in slavery which is aids. This whole idealism of 'preferred poverty in freedom to wealth in slavery' may seem too ignorant on all grounds but very beneficial on grounds that it eliminates the concept of dependence on donors hence a platform of equality in trade is created because nobody gives more or less. 

In fashion with the above, Africa as a whole has to encourage cross-border trade between neighboring countries as a possible solution to redeem its falling economies and weakening currencies. This is very typical, but very African from flesh to bone as we all know a famous say that states, ‘charity begins at home' hence laying our foundation on this say can be of great help in ensuring Africa conduct trade locally before conducting it internationally. Likewise, the is need for Africa to strengthen her financial institutions to fully facilitate its extra activities and prevent any form of regret, if not a generation marked with black-out recession and bankruptcy.

For Africa to experience a renaissance in all fields of work, there is need for a continental transformation in approach to small issues such as agriculture and trade because both are the cardinal things to ensure the expected renaissance for its visionary generation. And by all means, changing tides is what the continent is yet to experience and it is during these trying times that we are encouraged to learn more about our strength and weakness as a continental powerhouse that is able to sustain its population.

With much financial meltdown experienced than before, it is important for the sleeping giant to awake and found its  predestined place hence moving away from the concept of dependence on donors. However, if Africa was to develop an attitude of competing with its donors then a form of generational revolution will be sparked like a 'wild fire ‘because the donors have motives to satisfy from Africa and major interests to monopolize the whole structure of governance and trade. 
Africa, has to explore its potential and begin to break the chains of its relation to a ‘dark continent’ that nobody believes in.