Thursday, 27 March 2014


In dedication to all women and mothers
Many are the times I imagine a world free of sexual violence against women and this makes me think twice on how productive our homes or areas will be since  our mothers, sisters, partners and daughters are happy. Therefore, I have taken this opportunity to address the issue of domestic violence against women which is on a rise in our country and if not handled well may lead to more problems in the near future.

 Furthermore, may I congratulate married men out there and may I highlight the importance of marriage: it being an ‘institution of love’ not the now renowned institution of violence against partners which initially destroys the union of marriage by all aspects. And a marriage certificate is not a document of ownership that grants a man power to violent a woman on the basis of the certificate but only a certificate of evidence of courtship of the parties involved mainly for statistics by the authorities.      

With this in mind, it is important for every man to respect women as a creation made in God’s own image thus let no mankind feel more superior than others. However, it can be seen from the above analysis that, most men embrace violence to peace as a way of consolidating they influences on their partners without thinking of anything else and this attitude has grown and affected the society both directly and indirectly. 

Unquestionably, it is general knowledge to state that most men who violent women do it due to ignorance and failure of social, educational and religious notions that have failed to advocate for equality in the society for satisfaction of personal desires. For example, most social notions state that, ‘who loves well, punishes well’, or ‘beating a wife is an evidence of true love’, but I strongly argue against those notions because I believe the biblical definition of love in 1 Corinthians 13 truly highlights the significance and code of conduct of love. It is important however, to overemphasis the strength of ignorant notions that govern the institution of marriage or friendship in a deadly bumpy direction of violence.

In the same line of thinking, given the advantages of marriage from a the biblical point of view outlined in the previous paragraph, I would like to further state the importance of courtship or marriage from a biblical point of view from the book of Proverbs 18 vs 22 that highlights the pleasure and favors of finding a wife that the lord is proud of himself. In short, women are meant to be an important people in the making of our communities; hence violence against them is like scam or fraud aimed to stealing from oneself with an excuse of not knowing.

Surely, society lacks its definition if the beauty of our mothers, sisters, partners and daughters is violated continually  and it is high time, the government strengthened laws and rules because politics seems to have taken precedence over violence against women. I believe an independent commission has to be established dedicated to advocating and enforcing the laws and rule that protect women in our societies. And a word of caution to the government is that, the longer the keep politicking with issues affecting women the worse the outcome of violence because as of now, constitutionally the capital punishment attached to violence against women is not good enough to set an example because our country needs men who inherit good morals not violence that they may have witnessed as a mode of life. 

A violence free heaven called home is very possible, if only we learn to live in peace with our next neighbors despite their sex or skin color. 


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