Sunday, 17 July 2016


It is unarguable fact that Africa is characterized by rich countries with poor people and an elite that does not seem to care much, and the same can be said that an elite of worst or least qualified citizens are at the helm of national leadership. And the best, term to describe the phases outlined above is ‘kakistocracy’ and this has affected the state of affairs due to incompetence. And not to confuse kakistocracy from aristocracy, aristocracy is governance by the small privileged ruling class.

Elections of Chaos
In Africa, anything is possible, a man with no achievement record can be celebrated and glorified overnight while a man who works hard and has an achievement record is vilified and labeled as a certified Satanists. Furthermore, what’s even more surprising is that a mentally disturbed ‘honorable’ is given and guaranteed media coverage than an economic expert to comment and analyze economic situations at the expense of a people that has lost hope and national pride.

And in relation with the above, Africa’s many problems never be solved any time soon since the loss of vision on democracy and embarkment on a self-destructive kakistocracy journey that heads into the wildness of confusion and corruption. With many upcoming elections scheduled for his year, it is a known fact that any song composed by any singer under the influence of narcotics is good enough to earn any candidate the highest office of the land in some parts of the continent. And this can be seen from the so called revolutionary songs and slogans that grace our communities that put the integrity of the state at stake.

And it is during elections, that it is better not to possess a television set, radio, phone or tablet because they all seem to be instructs of propaganda that influence our attitudes towards a people, race or tribe than being instructs of information. Indeed, it is a known fact that, African Medias are playgrounds of the incumbent and his hired guns, worshipers and cheer leaders to mention a few and that automatically eliminates the purpose of freedom of expression on the opposition factions.

And with elections campaigns hitting a boiling point, it is no surprise that willingness to practice the art of tribalism openly is one of the qualifications needed to be considered a visionary leader in modern elections. And as we wait for results of elections all over the continental we hope good governance that requires governmental institutions to embrace citizens irrespective of different political opinions will be observed.

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