Saturday, 20 June 2015


Africa’s determination to self-governance through independence was seen in the rise of leaders who were driven by a passion to see a revived Africa and almost 50 years after the first steps of true leadership was laid down, today's Africa seem to be in a crisis that we cannot describe. The true leadership and patriotism that led to self-governance and independence has long been forgotten and replaced by pot belly and pocket styled form of selfish business now called leadership. Dear readers it is a known fact that Africa’s current copy of leaders are something we can liken them to predators that prey on the helpless poor majority and this is seen in failure by most leaders to account for national wealthy which they audition to foreign multinational cooperation for personal gains.

If am not mistaken, African and leadership in general is always characterized by serving through the provision of services that satisfy needs and wants of the people, but that seems to have faded with the 1960s and a new 21st century type of leadership has just been adopted mainly in Africa. This 21st century type of leadership is self-seeking and business-oriented, all it does and longs for is making a personal wealth at the expense of the poor majority while laying a blind eye and deaf ear to their needs and wants.

Furthermore, the presidency has lost its value due to the controversial that surrounds its selection in the sense that, the choice of the majority is never respected and the power of a vote is usually made valueless. As shown by the above idea, it can further be illustrated with a common situation that has been seen in most African countries were leaders have  preference for foreign investors without voting rights to its own citizens who possess the right to vote and hold citizenship.

At this point, I believe if our founding leaders such as Thomas Sankara, Nelson Mandela, Nalumino Mundia were asked to air out they views on the directions of the continent, I strongly believe regret, anger and shame would characterize they reaction because Africa is still the same with high unemployment and corruption rates not forgetting, foreign aid dependent economies while our leaders seem too focused on getting credits such as euro-bonds,  but failing to put up a road map on how the monies will be repaid hence signing auctioning off the youth's future through petty deals. And truth be told, the continent’s economies are not growing at all, what I see is a 'Mary-go-around' economy meaning the economies of the continent are stagnant because most of Africa’s economies are controlled and styled for countries like China, Russia, United States, therefore I wonder how growth can be experienced if African economies lack an African identity.

In a nutshell, Africa’s next generation will live in debts because by the time we realize that our own leaders are our greatest enemies, our land and our tradition would have been sold to the Asians or Europeans by our leaders. Africa's leadership needs a revival and its time the youths showed interest in their future.  

Written & edited by
Sishumba Musanda

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