Tuesday, 29 April 2014



Never been an ordinary bird, so I fly off the average nest
And I settle with the eagles with wings wide open as the best
Hence I double cross failure for success for a permanent relationship
Fear of heights has been overcome, so I fly high 
For my life has been like a voyage of discovery
Filled with so much unspeakable elements of mystery
But all were phases to be found and solved in Indiana with Jones as history
With all these struggles, a character was being built up to head an era
The past was a lesson, but it’s died and gone, for today is here
Success is the motto and does not happen overnight like winning a lotto
Confessions of who I was never matter’s now, because being a champion is my new impression
My facial expression outstands all the negativity, as positivity is my main possession
For failure was my past oppression and routine of operation
But I broke off the ordinary boundaries of failure to become a star of attraction
A personality that adds a color of hope to the rainbow  
Being a champion is my daily remedy; a quality that eliminates any form of comedy
So think twice before you walk on thick ice because we are not equals like dimples even though am simple, you may be turned into an experimental sample if not an example.

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